Introducing the bredda Brothers

The Bredda Brothers was originally created by Benji Guerrero (multi-instrumentalist / events coordinator / writer / educator) as a side project to support him and his talented musical friends who all perform in a range of original bands so they could work together providing the joy of live music to the community at events and gigs of all types even if it meant covers.

Benji performed with singer-songwriter, Sean Martin before Sean moved to Cairns in 2018. Benji soon ran into an old friend Justin Heydon who he’d jammed with once years before at a party. Justin and Benji started playing together and The Bredda Brothers were once again complete!

They set out to be unconventional with their cover selection, not set to one genre or restricted to playing the typical covers but still connect with crowds all over, bringing true messages and the joy of self-expression to their show.

Often freestyling, or being inclusive of the crowd, other friends that play and bringing elements of comedy and high energy stage antics, costumes or whatever feels right they opted to take some risks slowly things started to fall into place!

Mixing in originals songs and own take on covers when playing as a dynamic duo fronted by singer/songwriter Justin Heydon (A.K.A. Unconditional Love Child) and Benji they opted to scale up to a 5 piece or beyond featuring some of the best local multi-instrumentalists and singer/songwriters for the right events.

All the friends playing together have a passion for community, music, arts and self-expression and sharing it with others. With backgrounds as teachers, youth workers, healers, resides and even gardeners they have set intentions to eventually obtain land to hold woke festivals and house a creative community.

Some of the other regular members include Elijah Bellerose (singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and rapper) and Vinnie Heike (multi-instrumentalist/singer) and Lachlan Dwyer (Sax/drums/ synth/ singer).
With the aim to promote free expression and creativity to everyone and breakdown the status quo of the system even if it means surviving on the breadcrumbs offered by a dwindling live music scene they’ve managed to build up regular bookings and are ready to start recording collective productions under The Bredda Brothers and Aware Collective!