Group Session | Oz Care Day Respite Centre | Runaway Bay

Cara and Nikeisha (Facilitators) were welcomed by staff and residents into the Ozcare Day Respite Centre in Runaway Bay, Qld on Saturday for a group Art Session. Everyone introduced themselves and was invited to talk about if they had ever engaged in art before. Some of the people that participated in the session had never actually done art since school and explained that they were “excited to get started”.

The people in the group explained that one of the staff members were leaving and that they wanted to paint her something for a gift. So, the participants, Cara, Nikeisha and centre staff all brainstormed some ideas and agreed that a painting on a canvas with different symbols representing their connection with the staff member would be thoughtful.

Cara and Nikeisha set up the space with different paints ect and began guiding the participants to paint using different colours, brush strokes and what could be used for inspiration when being creative with the symbols. The painting was almost like a mosaic with different symbols, colours and textures inside each shape done by all the different people.

Everyone that participated in the session seemed so connected to the colours and shapes that they were creating when asked questions like “what made you paint this symbol or use this colour”. One woman shared ‘happy tears’ with us explaining “I have epilepsy and doing painting today made me forget about my condition”.

The end result was something very special and rainbow!