1:1 Private Art Session | Val

Cara (Facilitator) was welcomed into Val’s beautiful home in Brisbane, Qld on Friday for a 1:1 Art Session. Val previously engaged in Art for many years having had her own exhibitions and sold many pieces.

Val explained “It has been 10 or so years since I have painted or done any artwork”.

Val walked Cara through to her old art studio, which was filled with old paintings and sparked a lot of memories when Val practiced art regularly.

Cara set up the paint session on Val’s balcony in the fresh air. Val was encouraged to paint what she felt, rather than the final product. Val touched the brush to the canvas and it flowed from there. Val remembered her technique like she had never stopped painting. The artwork began to come to life. Cara asked Val how she feels painting again after so long, she said “it feels really good, and what I think i’m going to do is wake up first thing in the morning and go into my studio”.

Often we learn from the program participants like Val and this is so special. Cara explained “I am compelled by Val’s story and inspired by her art techniques”.